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Pretty cool

Great! The animation is not amazing, but the music really does it for this one. I like how the kid is all stressed with the relaxing music in the background. And he really does look like Calvin when he's running away. The only thing I don't understand in the part with the freaky squirrel... Anyway, keep it up!

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Pretty Cool

Good stuff! You can definetely tell you've been inspired by Adam Phillips (who hasn't?), especially in the character design and in the scene where Sisyphus runs away from the rock (totally Yuyu). The final outcome is pretty good, except the sound: the grunts are somewhat awkward. Also you seem to have done part of the movie in "twos" so it looks a bit choppy sometimes (when he breathes). Otherwise, awesome!

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CatFat responds:

nice insight, thanks :)

Totally uncool

Adam Phillips is the best there is when it comes to Flash animation. I don't think it's funny to imersonate him for a stupid joke. If you want to be like him, submit cool animations people will idolize you for, not useless content people will hate you for.

Really disapointing...

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To be honest, I wasn't expecting this when I read Awesome Effects Tutorial, but this stuff isn't bad at all. I liked it beacause, as elementary as it may be, the effects shown here are not the usual rain, fire, and explosions. You should explain the code though, since this tutorial is really basic, and people who follow it probably won't know ActionScript.

Pretty lame

Mabey the tutorial itself isn't bad, but the final effect is horrible. I mean, the rain really looks like metal spikes randomly falling down from the sky. You should put more work into each effect, and when you get a satisfying result, write the tutorial.

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Well, some of the effects aren't bad, like the lighting and explosion, but they still need more "humph" to be realistic. Mabey turning the filters quality to "high" would be a goos start.

Other effects shown here, like the blood and rain, are just horrible. Mabey you should re-think the whole effect and start over to achieve a more realistic effect.

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